Sirius Activation

Samantha Jayne
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The Sirius Gateway opens up in the first week of July every year.

Sirius is the Sun behind our Sun, and regarded as the true source of Divine Light . So many will be experiencing huge downloads and shifts that move them into alignment with their souls path through the sudden surge of intense energy that is set to ‘hit’ us full on the 4th and 5th July. The downloads we receive are to activate codes within your energy field to move you forward on your spiritual path, your souls path, so brace yourself for that ringing in the ears!

In this activation Samantha Jayne connects you to your personal blueprint codes being downloaded right now.

  • You'll get instant access to the recorded activation.

  • Size
    249 MB
  • Duration
    31 minutes
  • Resolution
    640 x 360 px
  • You'll get instant access to the recorded activation.
  • Size249 MB
  • Duration31 minutes
  • Resolution640 x 360 px
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Sirius Activation

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